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New York Trip post 1: Planning and Travel

(leaving our wonderful Portland Airport...which I think is one of the best out there)
Friends, my daughter and I recently returned (on the 4th) from a 6 day trip to NYC (obviously it's taking me awhile to post). Cue all the songs you know about me, they ran through my head often. My hope is to share stories, tips, etc. over the course of a few posts. Starting with our planning and travel. 

(lol....need to get that caffeine down for the flight..goofy girls)
When our girls turned 16 we let them choose a trip to a location of their choosing and they could bring a friend. It obviously had to be within reason of a budget and the friend had to pay for airfare (if necessary and extra spending money). Our oldest went to Vegas (I know....weird, but it was a blast. Read about it here) Our youngest was going to choose LA but then that year our oldest got married so that kind of put a kink in plans (in a good way). The other place our youngest wanted to go was NYC, so we said, "…

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