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Put on love and Kindness: Beyond Kindness Tour

A few weeks ago I was reading this blog post by Sandy at Reluctant Entertainer. In it she was sharing a recipe for Chocolate Zucchini Muffins (which I need to make) and talking about The Beyond Kindness Tour and I felt myself drawn in. I had to check it out. Check out the link above to learn more and join in, whether you have a blog or not. 

I know what is going through your mind; "oh, I'm already kind, I'm always nice to people", but I believe kindness goes beyond just everyday nice-ities.  It goes past just being nice to those we like, who agree with us, etc. It goes beyond being polite, or having good manners. There's more to it. It goes deeper into our hearts, past the surface of what our parents hopefully taught us. It is intentional. It is seeing the needs of someone else, however small or great, whether emotional, spiritual, physical, and meeting them, or easing them at the least. It's setting aside agendas (the need to be known, for recognition, for an…

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