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Garage Sales

This post was originally written in 2009 when I took part in a group called Works for me Wednesday, but I just had a garage sale last weekend and thought I'd update this post. Even though my girls are now adults, I left the tips as is because they are helpful.  It's coming up on garage sale season and I think there some real keys to having a successful sale. It seemed that when we had ours it got the ball rolling. We started Thursday afternoon and by Friday afternoon there were several others going on. The weekend was perfect for it. I wasn't as organized as I usually am. I was just trying to get it done. But looking back at my tips, I will be more organized next time.
I have a garage sale every year. The money I make used to pay for my daughters homeschool materials when they were younger, or other items we need or want. Last year, our sale went towards spending money for our trip to NYC (you can read all about that trip by searching NYC on the blog. I did a series). 
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